Taekwondo Guildford

Guildford Taekwondo (GU1): Originally developed in Korea during the 1940's and 50's, Taekwondo is a fast combatative sport that has become increasingly popular over the last 30 years or so. For those of you who wish to build your confidence, strengthen your mind and body, enhance your self-esteem and learn a bit of self-defence, Taekwondo could be the ideal hobby or fitness activity.

If you asked people in Guildford what their views were on Taekwondo, nearly all would say it is an activity for younger children. There's no doubt that the younger generation are more equipped to cope with the physical demands of this high energy sport, but this isn't to say that people of any age can't get involved. However, in order to fully enjoy all the complexities of Taekwondo, it helps to be relatively fit.

Taekwondo Guildford

Taekwondo is a martial art that mainly consists of kicking manoeuvres, in particular head kicks, rapid kicking techniques and spinning/jumping kicks. It began in Seoul, in southern Korea during the 1940's, when a group of martial arts specialists founded schools called "kwans", which blended various martial arts techniques.

Taekwondo has become very popular in Guildford and all around the world, with over 60 million practitioners worldwide. Joining a local Guildford Taekwondo club or class is a good way to get involved in this sport which has even featured in the Olympic Games since the Sydney Games of 2000. While you may not aspire to Olympic competition, there is no reason why you cannot become a master of this exciting martial art and have some fun along the way.

Taekwondo Classes in Guildford

For the people of Guildford who wish to learn a martial art, a top priority is the aspect of self-defence. Since this is a key principle of Taekwondo, it is easy to see the appeal of this particular sport. With the added bonus of learning self-restraint and having a deep respect for others, signing up for a local Guildford Taekwondo class seems to be a no brainer.

Your First Guildford Taekwondo Class: If you have never done Taekwondo before you may be a little concerned as to what to expect on your first lesson. This will vary from school to school but will usually involve some or all of the following. A 15-20 minute warm up to increase heart rate and loosen muscles, some technical training involving learning some stances, hand attacks, blocks and kicks, learning some forms (or Poomse), an introduction to sparring including movement, timing and the targeting of attacks, and lastly a warm down to relax and stretch tired muscles.

Anybody wanting to join a Taekwondo club in Guildford must also register with British Taekwondo which is the governing body of the sport in the UK.

In Summary: We cannot all be like Jade Jones or Lutalo Muhammad, and I guess that we wouldn't all want to be. Taekwondo isn't just about Olympic titles and National Championships. Most of us are happy to improve our fitness, meet different people and make new friends, and that is how it should be. However, as with most things in life, what you get out of it will depend on what you put into it. Good luck!

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