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Gloucester Taekwondo (GL1): If you've been looking around Gloucester for some ideas for a new hobby, you may want to consider Taekwondo as a possibility. Practising this skill will enable you to enhance your self-respect, strengthen your mind and body, learn some self-defence techniques and boost your confidence. This relatively modern martial art only came into being in Korea during the 1940's and 1950's.

When most people in Gloucester visualize Taekwondo, they picture young kids performing energetic kicking and punching manoeuvres. There's no doubt that the younger and fitter generation are more equipped to cope with the physical demands of this high energy sport, but this doesn't mean that people of every age group can't get involved. Being fairly fit is however a prerequisite of Taekwondo.

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With its beginnings in 1940's Korea, Taekwondo is certainly one of the more recently developed of the martial arts and involves mainly kicking moves such as head-height kicks, fast kicking styles and spinning/jumping kicks. It began when schools called "kwans" were established by a group of Korean martial artists in Seoul, South Korea.

Popular all over the world Taekwondo now has over 60 million practitioners. If you want to get involved in this activity, which is now an Olympic sport, joining a Taekwondo club or class in Gloucester is a good place to start. While reaching Olympic standard may be aiming a bit high, there is no reason why you cannot become a Taekwondo master.

For many people in Gloucester, it is the self-defence aspect of Taekwondo that has the most appeal. You should not be surprised by this, when you take into account the high incidence of violence seen in today's town centres. The ability to defend yourself while still respecting others and exercising self-restraint is one of the primary benefits of Taekwondo.

What to Expect From Your First Class: If you have never attempted Taekwondo before you will likely be a bit apprehensive as to what to expect on your first lesson. Most Taekwondo schools in Gloucester follow a similar pattern, but there could be some variation to the following. A warm up lasting 15 to 20 minutes, a bit of technical training which will involve learning some hand attacks, stances, kicks and blocks, some work on patterns or forms (Poomse in Korean), a look at sparring including good timing, precise movement and the accurate targeting of attacks, and lastly a warm down to loosen up and stretch muscles.

Gloucester Taekwondo classes are not only suitable for folks in Gloucester but also for martial arts devotees from Kingsholm, Brockworth, Longford, Tuffley, Minsterworth, Hartpury, Maisemore, Wootton, Saintbridge, Barnwood, Tredworth, Hempsted, Abbeymead, Longlevens, Highnam, Coney Hill and other nearby locations.

Taekwondo Tournaments and Competitions: Taekwondo competitions are held all over the world in all of the various styles. There is generally not much hard contact but breaking, sparring and patterns (forms). Olympic and WT (World Taekwondo) tournaments consist only of sparring, in ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) tournaments certain hand attacks are allowed to the head. Other organizations hold multi-discipline tournaments.

Taekwondo Beginners Classes: With any sport or activity we have to start somewhere, and Taekwondo is no different. Even the topmost Gloucester Taekwondo masters were complete novices at one point. So, what can you expect as a complete beginner at Taekwondo? Beginner classes should give its students enough training to teach them the basics and allow them to gain confidence as they progress. The perfect beginners class should be fun as well as educational, when people are having fun they are more engaged and will learn faster.

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GTUK - Looking for Taekwondo Cheltenham? Learning Taekwon-Do with the GTUK helps to greatly improve general health, strength, flexibility, control and confidence. Lessons will provide you with sound basic training. The support and camaraderie you can expect to share with senior members will help develop inspirational learning. Special offer! New students receive free training for a month. So come along and give it a try!

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