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To follow conversations about Taekwondo visit the ever popular Taekwondo Forum, topics include things like "Taekwondo Sparring", "General Discussion", "Health and Fitness", "The Instructors Room", "Taekwondo Patterns" and "Self Defense". To order gum shields, men's and women's groin guards, mats, Taekwondo clothing, sparring gloves, foot guards, fighter gloves, shin protectors, foam head guards, body defenders, target paddles, doboks, belts, forearm guards, foot socks and chest guards, go and visit Kicksport. To acquire more information about historical influences, equipment and facilities, vocabulary, organisations and styles, belts, ranking and promotion, competitions and tournaments, the history of Taekwondo, the philosophies of Taekwondo and patterns (forms), head to the Wikipedia Taekwondo page. To check out an interesting little article about the rules of Taekwondo, check this out To see the latest trends on social media check this out. Enjoy a step by step You Tube guide on Tae kwon do here.

Benefits Gained From Taekwondo

  • Turbocharge agility, flexibility and stamina through intensive cardiovascular work-outs
  • Lower anxiety and stress using advanced breath control
  • Boost your confidence by helping you to seize control of your life and succeed
  • Enhance feelings of self-esteem by maximizing your mental and physical powers
  • Develop self-discipline by comprehensively training your mind and body in the tactics and principles of Taekwondo
  • Toughen up your mind and body by way of improved physical coordination and mental discipline
  • Teach you self-defence tactics by helping you to realize circumstances in which self-defence could be necessary, and allowing you to control these scenarios in your favour

Cramlington Taekwondo teachers can normally help you with Taekwondo for senior citizens, Taekwondo kicks, the rules of Taekwondo, Taekwondo for beginners, Taekwondo for the disabled, Taekwondo forms, Taekwondo scoring, Taekwondo for kids, one-to-one Taekwondo classes, Taekwondo equipment, Taekwondo for adults, Taekwondo patterns and more martial arts stuff in Cramlington, Northumberland.

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Cramlington Taekwondo classes aren't just intended for the people of Cramlington itself but also for followers from New Hartley, Stannington, Seghill, Blyth, Wideopen, Seaton Burn, East Hartford, High Pit, Bedlington, East Cramlington, Seaton Delaval, Nelson Village, Shankhouse, Dudley, Annitsford and other nearby locations.

List of further reading: Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Hae Sul: Real Applications to the ITF Patterns by Stuart Anslow, A Killing Art: The Story of Tae Kwon Do by Alex Gillis, Taekwon-Do Patterns by Jim Hogan, Taekwondo: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Korean Art of Self-Defense by Kevin Hornsey, Taekwondo Techniques & Tactics by Thomas Seaborne and Yeon Hwan, Taekwondo: A Path to Excellence by Doug Cook, Taekwondo: Complete ITF Patterns (Marc Tedeschi).

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