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Haverhill Taekwondo (CB9): If you have been looking around Haverhill for some ideas for a new hobby, you may like to consider Taekwondo as a candidate. Practising this sport will help you to build your confidence, learn a bit of self-defence, enhance your self-esteem and strengthen your body and mind. Since its beginnings in Korea during the 1940's, this more modern martial art has continued to grow in popularity.

Because Taekwondo has quite high physical demands, it is perhaps more suited to the younger generation in Haverhill. That is not to say that older people cannot participate in this activity, but simply that there may be other martial arts that are more suited to the less agile among us. Tai Chi would be the perfect example.

Haverhill Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial art that mainly consists of kicking manoeuvres, in particular head kicks, rapid kicking styles and jumping/spinning kicks. It began in Seoul, in southern Korea during the 1940's, when a group of martial arts specialists founded schools called "kwans", which blended various martial arts techniques.

Taekwondo has become very popular in Haverhill and all around the world, with over 60 million practitioners worldwide. Joining a local Haverhill Taekwondo club or class is a good way to get involved in this sport which has even featured in the Olympic Games since the Sydney Games of 2000. While you may not aspire to Olympic competition, there is no reason why you cannot become a master of this exciting martial art and have some fun along the way.

Taekwondo Classes in Haverhill

A key aspect of Taekwondo is self-defence, and of course this is one of the main reasons that people in Haverhill join classes and take up the sport. There has been a worrying increase in violent behaviour in recent years and this is especially prevalent in town and city centres around Suffolk and the UK in general. The beauty of Taekwondo though, is that it also teaches self-discipline and respect for others, not such common qualities in Haverhill nowadays.

What to Expect From Your First Class: If Taekwondo is not something that you've ever done before, you will doubtless be wondering what to expect from your first class should you decide to sign up. Different Taekwondo schools in Haverhill have different ideas about this but roughly; you will take part in a 15-20 minute warm-up, you will do a bit of technical training, you will learn some forms, you will practice sparring techniques and finally you will warm-down to get your body back into a state of relaxation.

Taekwondo Beginners Classes: With any sport or activity we have to start somewhere, and Taekwondo is no different. Even the topmost Haverhill Taekwondo masters were complete novices at one point. So, what can you expect as a complete beginner at Taekwondo? Beginner classes should give its students enough training to teach them the basics and allow them to gain confidence as they progress. The perfect beginners class should be fun as well as educational, when people are having fun they are more engaged and will learn faster.

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Summary: We can pretty much guarantee that if you take up Taekwondo you will improve your levels of fitness, make new friends and gain more confidence. If that is all you get out of it, then all well and good, you can call it a success! We aren't all striving to be Jade Jones's or Lutalo Muhammad's, but those of you who are need to start with the first step. Good luck on your journey! 👊

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