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Ballymena Taekwondo (BT42): A Korean martial art that was developed during the 1940's, Taekwondo has continued to grow in popularity since then. If you would like to build your confidence, learn some self-defence techniques, strengthen your mind and body and enhance your self-respect, Taekwondo might be just the activity for you.

Because Taekwondo has quite high physical demands, it is perhaps more suited to the younger generation in Ballymena. That is not to say that older people cannot participate in this activity, but simply that there may be other martial arts that are more suited to the less agile among us. Tai Chi would be the perfect example.

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Based mostly around kicking manoeuvres like rapid kicking methods, head-height kicks and jumping/spinning kicks, Taekwondo was formulated from the techniques of different martial arts, by a group of Seoul martial arts experts in new schools called "Kwans" during the 1940's and 1950's. These "Kwans" had the names Songmu Kwan, Chungdo Kwan, Changmu Kwan, Jido Kwan, Mooduk Kwan.

With over sixty million people participating in Taekwondo classes all around the globe, this has certainly become an extremely popular activity, and if you become really expert at the sport you might even one day qualify for the Olympic Games, of which it has been a part since the Sydney Games in the year 2000.

Taekwondo Classes in Ballymena

A key aspect of Taekwondo is self-defence, and of course this is one of the main reasons that people in Ballymena join classes and take up the sport. There has been a worrying increase in violent behaviour in recent years and this is especially prevalent in town and city centres around Northern Ireland and the UK in general. The beauty of Taekwondo though, is that it also teaches self-discipline and respect for others, not such common qualities in Ballymena nowadays.

Your First Taekwondo Class: If you've never attempted Taekwondo before, you may be intrigued to find out just what is going to happen on your first class. This may vary from class to class but will generally entail all or some of the following. A warm up lasting 15 to 20 minutes, a bit of technical training such as learning some blocks, stances, kicks and hand attacks, some work on patterns or forms (Poomse in Korean), a look at sparring including good timing, precise movement and the accurate targeting of attacks, and to round off a warm down to loosen up and stretch muscles.

Taekwondo Kicks: Among the best known Taekwondo kicks you will learn to begin with include: Side Kick, Back Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Front Kick, Whip or Hook Kick, Crescent Kick, Push Kick, Axe Kick.

The Many Benefits of Taekwondo: When signing up for Taekwondo classes in Ballymena you will be hoping to get some benefits to make the whole thing worthwhile. So let's look at a few of the benefits that you might gain by learning and practicing Taekwondo. Supercharge agility, stamina and flexibility through strenuous cardiovascular work-outs, Strengthen your mind and body thru increased mental discipline and physical co-ordination, Develop self-discipline by thoroughly training your mind and body in the principles and strategies of Taekwondo, Reduced anxiety using advanced breath control, Improve self-esteem and concentration by intensifying your mental and physical powers, Teach you self-defence by coaching you to recognize scenarios in which self-defence might be necessary, and empowering you to control these kinds of situations in your favour, Grow in your confidence by motivating you to succeed and to seize control of your life.

Taekwondo Forms (Patterns): Forms are a key element of Taekwondo and are essential if you are to master this fascinating martial art. Some basic forms must be learned at the beginning and more complex forms must be mastered in order to progress through the various belts. A Taekwondo form is characterized by various aspects such as technique, direction and stance.

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