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Great Yarmouth Taekwondo (NR30): If you are looking to take up a new activity that will enable you to learn self-defence, build your confidence, strengthen your body and mind and bolster your self-respect, you might consider Taekwondo as a possible option. This more modern of the martial arts was developed in Korea just after WW2.

While people of all ages in Great Yarmouth can of course participate in Taekwondo, it is particularly suited to the younger generation since it can be quite physically demanding, children can especially benefit from its teachings of self-discipline and the respect of others. It can sometimes be too taxing for older adults unless they are exceptionally fit and active. However those in Great Yarmouth who take up Taekwondo at a young age, will find that carrying it on into older adulthood is not a problem. Tai Chi or something similarly softer might be more suitab le for the less agile of you.

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Taekwondo is one of the more recently introduced of the martial arts, with its beginnings in Korea in 1945. A group of Korean martial arts lovers in Seoul founded some schools called "kwans", where they practiced a blend of martial arts techniques. Taekwondo, which it ultimately became known as, mostly entails kicking manoeuvres, especially head kicks, fast kicking methods and spinning/jumping kicks. Now Great Yarmouth Taekwondo classes observe this tradition.

With over sixty million people participating in Taekwondo classes all around the globe, this has certainly become an extremely popular activity, and if you become really expert at the sport you might even one day qualify for the Olympic Games, of which it has been a part since the Sydney Games in the year 2000.

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In these times of increasing violence, it is hardly surprising that people in places like Great Yarmouth are taking up self-defence classes like Taekwondo to help them feel safer in their local environment. The self-defence aspect is one of the key factors of Taekwondo but it also teaches self-restraint and a respect for other people, which are disciplines that are largely missing in modern day life.

Your First Taekwondo Lesson: Different Taekwondo clubs in Great Yarmouth will have different ideas about what pupils should cover on their first class, but to give you an idea of what to expect most first Taekwondo lessons will include a warm-up, some sparring, learning Poomse (forms), an introduction to blocks, kicks, hand attacks and stances (technical training) and a warm-down to stretch tired muscles and return the body to a state of equilibrium.

Everybody who's a member of a Taekwondo club in Great Yarmouth or any place else in the UK, is also required to join British Taekwondo, which is the governing body of the sport.

Tournaments: A typical Taekwondo competition incorporates breaking, sparring and patterns, in the Olympics only sparring is involved. That being said there may also be some special events in certain tournaments such as self-defence and team demonstrations. WT (World Taekwondo) competitions are purely soft-contact affairs, while ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) competitions allow some hand attacks to the head. There are also some multi-discipline competitions.

Safety Gear: Safety gear such as shin protectors, forearm protectors, a mouth guard, a blue/red head protector, a red or blue body protector (hogu), hand guards and a groin guard are used in all matches overseen by British Taekwondo. Protection from injury is necessary because of the powerful kicks that are part and parcel of this sport.

Summary: We can pretty much guarantee that if you take up Taekwondo you will make new friends, gain self-confidence and improve your fitness. If that is all you get out of it, then all well and good, you can call it a success! We aren't all striving to be Jade Jones's or Lutalo Muhammad's, but those of you who are need to start with the first step. Good luck on your journey!

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