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Pontefract Taekwondo (WF7): Learning a new skill is always rewarding and the martial arts are a popular choice these days. Taking up something like Taekwondo enables you to bolster your self-respect, build your confidence, strengthen your body and mind and learn self-defence. A more modern martial art, Taekwondo was first developed in the 1940's and 50's in Korea.

While not intending to be in any way ageist, Taekwondo can be pretty physical and is generally more appropriate for younger people in Pontefract, it is especially good for children who will learn to be self-disciplined and respecting of others. Older adults may find it a bit too tough unless they are particularly active and fit. For those folks who take up Taekwondo at a younger age, continuing the adventure into older adulthood should not be a problem. The less nimble of you might find that Tai Chi which is a bit less strenuous, is more suitable.

Pontefract Taekwondo

With its beginnings in 1940's Korea, Taekwondo is certainly one of the more recently developed of the martial arts and involves mainly kicking moves such as head-height kicks, jumping/turning kicks and rapid kicking techniques. It began when schools called "kwans" were established by a group of Korean martial artists in Seoul, South Korea.

Now an Olympic sport, Taekwondo has over 60 million followers worldwide, and while you may not aspire to be an Olympic Games athlete, you can still join a Taekwondo club or class to learn what will no doubt turn out to be a fascinating and rewarding activity.

In these times of increasing violence, it is hardly surprising that people in places like Pontefract are taking up self-defence classes like Taekwondo to help them feel safer in their local environment. The self-defence aspect is one of the key factors of Taekwondo but it also teaches self-restraint and a respect for other people, which are disciplines that are largely missing in modern day life.

Your First Pontefract Taekwondo Lesson: Different Taekwondo clubs in Pontefract will have different ideas about what pupils should cover on their first class, but to give you an idea of what to expect most first Taekwondo lessons will include a warm-up, some sparring, learning Poomse (forms), an introduction to blocks, kicks, hand attacks and stances (technical training) and a warm-down to stretch tired muscles and return the body to a state of equilibrium.

Some Taekwondo Kicks: Among the best known Taekwondo kicks that you will learn initially include: Axe Kick (Naeryeo Chagi), Side Kick (Yeop Chagi), Push Kick (Meereo Chagi), Front Kick (Ap Chagi), Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi), Back Kick (Dwo Chagi), Hook or Whip Kick (Huryeo Chagi), Crescent Kick (Bandal Chagi).

Taekwondo Patterns (Forms): Beginners in Taekwondo do not need to worry too much about forms (Poomse, patterns) at the outset but they will learn some basic ones to start with and progress to more complex forms as they move up the belts (grades/dans). A form is signified by certain aspects of Taekwondo including stance, direction and technique. Learning these sequences is an important part of mastering Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Competitions: A typical Taekwondo competition incorporates breaking, sparring and patterns (forms), in the Olympics only sparring is involved. That being said there may also be some special events in certain tournaments such as self-defence and team demonstrations. WT (World Taekwondo) competitions are purely soft-contact affairs, while ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) competitions allow some hand attacks to the head. There are also some multi-discipline competitions.

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