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Beeston Taekwondo: If you'd like to learn to defend yourself better, bolster your self-esteem, strengthen your mind and body and boost your confidence, an ideal sport to take up is Taekwondo. This more modern martial art has quickly become popular since being developed in the 1940's in Korea.

When speaking about Taekwondo, many people in Beeston assume that this is a sport for younger children. While the physical demands of Taekwondo may make it more suitable for the younger generation, it can also be practiced by people of every age group. However, so as to fully enjoy all the complexities of Taekwondo, it helps to be fairly fit.

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The name Taekwondo has only been used since the 1950's, although the sport began life in Korea in 1945. In Seoul, a group of Korean martial arts fanatics set up some exciting new schools which they named "kwans", practicing a mixture of martial arts techniques. This later became known as Taekwondo and the primary focus of the discipline was on kicking manoeuvres, in particular spinning/jumping kicks, rapid kicking methods and head kicks. These days Beeston Taekwondo classes observe this tradition.

Taekwondo now has over sixty million enthusiasts worldwide and has become extremely popular in Beeston and throughout the United Kingdom. Now an Olympic sport, Taekwondo is accessible to anyone, and joining a local Beeston Taekwondo class or club is the easiest way to get yourself involved. While the chances of you reaching Olympic standard are quite slim, there isn't any reason at all why you cannot master this thrilling martial art.

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Of all the numerous benefits of doing this sport, it's the self-defence aspect of Taekwondo that the people of Beeston consider most appealing. And if you consider the high levels of violence in town centres these days, this is not surprising. However, exercising self-restraint and a respect for others goes hand in hand with the self-defence principles of Taekwondo.

With a bit of luck, outside your local Taekwondo club environment, you won't ever need to try out your newly learned techniques to defend yourself.

Your First Beeston Taekwondo Lesson: If you have just booked your very first Taekwondo class, you will be wondering what to expect. This can vary subject to which Beeston school you go to, but will normally include the following. A warm up lasting fifteen to twenty minutes, a bit of technical training comprising some kicks, hand attacks, stances and blocks, a look at some forms, some tips on sparring including timing, movement and the targeting of attacks, and last but not least a warm down to relax and stretch muscles.

Everybody who is a member of a Taekwondo club in Beeston or any place else in the UK, is also required to join British Taekwondo, which is the governing body of the sport.

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