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Taekwondo Kicks

  • Crescent Kick (Bandal Chagi)
  • Push Kick (Meereo Chagi)
  • Front Kick (Ap Chagi)
  • Back Kick (Dwo Chagi)
  • Whip or Hook Kick (Huryeo Chagi)
  • Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi)
  • Axe Kick (Naeryeo Chagi)
  • Side Kick (Yeop Chagi)

Primary Benefits of Taekwondo

  • Boost your confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life
  • Develop discipline by comprehensively training your mind and body in the strategies and doctrines of Taekwondo
  • Enhance your self-esteem by intensifying your physical and mental fitness
  • Reduced anxiety and stress by doing deep breathing exercises
  • Toughen up your body and mind via accelerated mental discipline and physical co-ordination
  • Supercharge stamina, flexibility and agility by means of intensive cardiovascular exertion
  • Teach you self-defence tactics by showing you how to recognise occasions in which self-defence might be necessary, and enabling you to control these types of scenarios in your favour

Northfleet Taekwondo clubs can usually help you with Taekwondo etiquette, private Taekwondo classes, the rules of Taekwondo, Taekwondo patterns, sparring and fitness, Taekwondo for seniors, Taekwondo forms, Taekwondo training, one-to-one Taekwondo classes, Taekwondo for self-defence, Taekwondo moves, Taekwondo uniforms and other martial arts stuff in Northfleet, Kent.

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Taekwondo Services Northfleet

  • Northfleet One-to-One Taekwondo Lessons
  • Northfleet Taekwondo Classes
  • Northfleet Taekwondo Clubs
  • Northfleet Women's Taekwondo
  • Northfleet Taekwondo Instruction
  • Northfleet Family Taekwondo Classes
  • Northfleet Taekwondo Training
  • Northfleet Taekwondo for Children
  • Northfleet Taekwondo for Self-Defence
  • Northfleet Taekwondo Taster Lessons
  • Northfleet Beginners Taekwondo
  • Northfleet Private Taekwondo Sessions
  • Northfleet Taekwondo Tuition
  • Northfleet Taekwondo for Fitness

Northfleet Taekwondo classes are not just intended for people in Northfleet itself but also for followers from Cobham, Bean, Higham, Swanscombe, Luddesdown, Hartley, Gravesend, Stone, Istead Rise, Greenhithe, Darenth, Cliffe Woods, Singlewell, Perry Street, Denton, Milton, Shorne, Southfleet, Crayford and other nearby areas.

List of books: Taekwondo White to Black Belt: Your Ultimate Grading and Reference Summary by Phil Pearce, Taekwondo Step Sparring (Sang Kim), Taekwondo: Complete ITF Patterns, Taekwondo: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Korean Art of Self-Defense (Kevin Hornsey), ITF Taekwondo: Basic Information and Korean for Belt Gradings, Taekwon-Do Patterns by Jim Hogan, Taekwondo: A Path to Excellence (Doug Cook).

Taekwondo DA11 region.

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