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Maidstone Taekwondo: If you're planning to take up a new activity that will enable you to strengthen your mind and body, build your confidence, learn a bit of self-defence and enhance your self-esteem, you might consider Taekwondo as a possible option. A more modern martial art, Taekwondo was first developed in the 1940's and 50's in Korea.

Most people in Maidstone would imagine that the fast punching, high kicking movements demanded by Taekwondo are more suitable for young kids. While the physical demands of Taekwondo may make it more suitable for the younger generation, it can be practiced by people of every age group. Being fairly agile and fit does however help you to enjoy all the intricacies of Taekwondo.

Maidstone Taekwondo

The name Taekwondo was only coined in the 1950's, although the sport started life in Korea in 1945. Some exciting new schools called "kwans" were established in Seoul by a group of Korean martial arts enthusiasts, mixing a number of various martial arts techniques. In Taekwondo the main focus is on kicking, especially jumping/spinning kicks, fast kicking styles and head kicks. Now Maidstone Taekwondo classes abide by this tradition.

Taekwondo now has more than sixty million enthusiasts worldwide and has become very popular in Maidstone and throughout the UK. Signing up for a local Maidstone Taekwondo club or class is a great way to get involved in this sport which has even been in the Olympic Games since the Sydney Games of 2000. There isn't any reason why you cannot reach a high standard in this exhilarating sport, even if you've got no desire to take part in the Olympics.

Taekwondo Classes in Maidstone

It is the self-defence element of Taekwondo that generally is the most interesting to people in Maidstone. And in these days of increasing violence, especially in town centres, it's not a surprise that this features high on people's priority list. It is a key principle of Taekwondo that you can be confident in your ability to defend yourself yet exercise self-restraint and respect others.

What to Expect From Your First Class: If you have not done Taekwondo before you might be a bit apprehensive as to what to expect on your first class. The following will give you a pretty good idea, but this will vary from school to school. A 15-20 minute warm up, some technical training such as learning some stances, hand attacks, blocks and kicks, an introduction to some Poomse (or forms), a look at sparring including timing, movement and the targeting of attacks, and lastly a warm down to stretch tired muscles and loosen up.

Any individual who joins a Taekwondo club in Maidstone must also become a member of British Taekwondo which is the governing body of the sport in the United Kingdom.

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