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Southampton Taekwondo: If you are looking to take up a new hobby that will enable you to boost your confidence, strengthen your body and mind, enhance your self-esteem and learn some self-defence techniques, you should consider Taekwondo as a possible candidate. A more modern martial art, Taekwondo was first developed in the 1940's and 50's in Korea.

Taekwondo can be quite physically demanding, therefore it might be considered more appropriate for the younger rather than the older generation in Southampton. Its teachings of self-discipline and respect for others make it especially good for children. Older adults who are not all that fit and active might find it a tad too taxing. For those folks who take up Taekwondo at a younger age, continuing the experience into older adulthood shouldn't be a problem. If you are less nimble you could always try something a bit less demanding such as Tai Chi or Yoga.

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The sport was first practiced in Korea in about 1945, though the name Taekwondo was not coined until the 1950's. In Seoul, a group of Korean martial arts devotees founded some new schools which they called "kwans", practicing a mixture of martial arts techniques. Taekwondo, which it later became known as, mostly entails kicking manoeuvres, especially head-height kicks, jumping/spinning kicks and rapid kicking methods. Nowadays Southampton Taekwondo classes follow this tradition.

Taekwondo is popular with the people of Southampton and with more than 60 million others around the globe. Now an Olympic sport, Taekwondo is accessible to everyone, and joining your local Southampton Taekwondo class or club is the best way to get yourself involved. Whilst noone would seriously expect you to get to Olympic standard, you could certainly be one of the best Taekwondo exponents in Southampton.

Taekwondo Classes in the Southampton Area

For many people in Southampton, it is the self-defence element of Taekwondo that is the most appealing. And its not surprising that this features highly on people's list of priorities when you consider the ever rising levels of violence seen nowadays in town centres throughout the United Kingdom. Actually one of the key benefits of Taekwondo is learning to defend yourself whilst exercising a degree of self-restraint and having respect for others.

With luck you won't ever have the need to use your newly acquired Taekwondo techniques for defending yourself outside of your local club environment, but it is nice to know they're there if you need them.

Your First Taekwondo Class: If you have booked your first lesson but have never attempted Taekwondo before, you will be wondering what to expect. Most Taekwondo schools in Southampton follow a similar pattern, but there might be variations to the following. A warm up lasting fifteen to twenty minutes, some technical training which will involve learning some blocks, stances, kicks and hand attacks, a look at some forms (Poomse), a few ideas on sparring including good timing, movement and targeting attacks, and to round off a warm down to relax and stretch muscles.

Taekwondo Kicks: Among the best known Taekwondo kicks you will learn to begin with include: Hook or Whip Kick (Huryeo Chagi), Back Kick (Dwo Chagi), Push Kick (Meereo Chagi), Crescent Kick (Bandal Chagi), Front Kick (Ap Chagi), Side Kick (Yeop Chagi), Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi), Axe Kick (Naeryeo Chagi).

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