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Aldershot Taekwondo (GU11): A Korean martial art that was developed during the 1940's, Taekwondo has continued to grow in popularity since then. If you would like to bolster your self-esteem, strengthen your body and mind, learn some self-defence techniques and boost your confidence, Taekwondo might be just the activity for you.

Images of young children doing energetic kicks and rapid punching manoeuvres, are what spring to mind at the mere mention of Taekwondo. While the younger and fitter generation should find it easier to contend with the physical demands of Taekwondo, people of all ages can practice the sport. It should however be said that if you're relatively agile and fit you will definately get more enjoyment out of Taekwondo.

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Taekwondo is a martial art that mainly consists of kicking manoeuvres, in particular rapid kicking techniques, head kicks and spinning/jumping kicks. It began in Seoul, in southern Korea during the 1940's, when a group of martial arts specialists founded schools called "kwans", which blended various martial arts techniques.

Now an Olympic sport, Taekwondo has over 60 million followers worldwide, and while you may not aspire to be an Olympic Games athlete, you can still join a Taekwondo club or class to learn what will no doubt turn out to be a fascinating and rewarding activity.

The thing about Taekwondo that seems to most interest people in Aldershot is the self-defence aspect of it. This isn't hard to believe when you think about the elevated levels of violence witnessed in city centres on a daily basis. It is a key factor of Taekwondo that you can be confidently able to defend yourself and at the same time learn to respect others and exercise self-restraint.

Your First Aldershot Taekwondo Lesson: For those of you who've never attempted Taekwondo before, you will no doubt be curious to know just what to expect from your first class. This can vary subject to which Aldershot school you go to, but will usually include the following. A warm up of fifteen to twenty minutes to increase your heart rate and reduce any stiffness in the muscles, a bit of technical training comprising some kicks, hand attacks, blocking techniques and stances, learning some forms (or Poomse), a look at sparring including movement, timing and attack targeting, and last but not least a warm down to prevent muscle spasms and cramping,

Taekwondo Forms (Patterns): Mastering Taekwondo will involve learning many disciplines and one of the key parts of Taekwondo is its forms (also called Poomse or patterns). These are sequences of technique, direction and stance which need to be memorized in order for pupils to progress through the various dans (belts/grades).

Taekwondo Belts (Ranking): The belt and ranking system can get rather confusing in Taekwondo because there is no standard system throughout the various Taekwondo styles. Similarities do exist though and typically there are two distinct belt groupings, signified as "juniors" (colours) and "seniors" (black dans). The number of rankings in the junior group varies across the styles but is commonly between 8 and 12 belts, while the senior group normally has 9 belts or dans.

Tournaments: There are a wide variety of competitions in Taekwondo involving all the various styles. They mostly involve patterns (forms), sparring and breaking with very little hard contact. International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) competitions don't allow excessive contact but do allow hand attacks to the head. World Taekwondo (WT) and Olympic competitions allow only sparring. Multi-style competitions also take place.

Safety Equipment: Safety gear such as a groin protector, blue or red trunk armour, forearm guards, a blue/red head guard, a mouth protector, hand protectors and shin protectors are used in all matches overseen by British Taekwondo. Protection from injury is necessary because of the powerful kicks that are part and parcel of this sport.

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