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Bolton Taekwondo: If you've been looking around Bolton for some ideas for a new hobby, you may like to consider Taekwondo as a candidate. Practising this sport will enable you to strengthen your body and mind, bolster your self-esteem, boost your confidence and learn some useful self-defence techniques. Since its beginnings in Korea during the 1940's, this relatively modern martial art has grown in popularity.

Images of young children doing energetic kicks and rapid punching manoeuvres, are what spring to mind at the mere mention of Taekwondo. The fact is though, that people of every age are able to take part in this sport despite its high physical demands. Being fairly agile and fit does however help you to enjoy all the ins and outs of Taekwondo.

Bolton Taekwondo

Taekwondo was only developed quite recently in Korea (1945). A group of Korean martial artists in Seoul established some exciting new schools called "kwans", incorporating various martial arts techniques. Taekwondo, which it later became known as, mainly involves kicking movements, in particular fast kicking methods, head kicks and jumping/spinning kicks. These days Bolton Taekwondo classes abide by this tradition.

Taekwondo now has over 60 million enthusiasts worldwide and has become very popular in Bolton and throughout the UK. If you would like to get involved in this activity, which is now an Olympic sport, signing up for a Taekwondo class or club in Bolton is a great place to start. Whilst reaching Olympic standard may be beyond your capabilities, there is no reason why you can't still become a Taekwondo master.

Bolton Taekwondo Classes

It is the self-defence element of Taekwondo that generally is the most interesting to people in Bolton. This isn't difficult to believe when you think about the elevated levels of violence experienced in city centres on a daily basis. The ability to defend yourself while still respecting others and exercising self-restraint is one of the primary principles of Taekwondo.

While it is good to know that you can defend yourself whenever you need to, you should be hoping that you never need to test this outside of your local Taekwondo club environment.

Your First Taekwondo Class: If you have just booked your very first Taekwondo lesson, you'll be wondering what to expect. The following will give you an illustration, but this can vary subject to which Bolton school you have signed up for. A warm up of 15 to 20 minutes to increase your heart rate and reduce any stiffness in your muscles, a little technical training including learning some kicks, hand attacks, blocks and stances, learning the basic patterns or forms, a look at sparring including good movement, timing and attack targeting, and to round off a warm down to prevent muscle spasms and cramping,

Everyone who is a member of a Taekwondo club in Bolton or anywhere else in the UK, is also required to join British Taekwondo, which is the governing body of the sport.

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